Design and Installation

Help with all aspects including premises, budget, shop layout, machinery and equpiment, staff training and ongoing maintenance.


As experts in assisting with the set up of a new Dry Cleaning venture, our design service includes giving advice and assistance with the following:

Choosing the correct premises
Shop layout 
Correct machinery
Staff training
Ongoing maintenance

Choosing the Correct premises

When looking at starting a new venture into the drycleaning and laundry sector which like any other business has to be able to support itself, operators need to look at the area they are considering. Is it in a busy town with the possibility of professional cliental? Is it near a station or supermarket these are areas where there will be passing customer traffic? They need to be confident that the area can support a new/additional establishment in the area.

Are there other drycleaning and laundry facilities in the area? If the area is saturated, look somewhere else!

What is the budget?

The shop will require a three phase electricity supply to run any equipment used in a drycleaning shop. If this is not already installed in the shop it can add a lot to the set up cost if it not included.
Has the potential operator got finance, unless he/she is a home owner finance will be difficult if there is no trading experience to put forward to the finance company.

Shop layout

Is the proposed shop large enough?
As each proposed site is different there is not a standard layout so Dane Realstar will visit the location, give advice on the best layout for work flow and shop configuration.

Correct machinery

Drycleaning equipment is an expensive investment. We will talk to the customer to ascertain what equipment he can achieve within his budget, there will be, of course, a charge for the delivery and installation of the equipment to the required services, i.e. electricity, water & drainage which needs to be included.
Start up costs may take several years of trading to recover.
Basic equipment can be as simple as the drycleaning machine, a cabinet, ironing table and compressor, the other items such as a spotting table, conveyor, polybagging machine etc can be added at a later date if initial budget does not allow.

Staff training

If the new operator has no experience in Drycleaning then training will be a vital part of the new venture, the more training given the less mistakes are made. On site training ensures the customer is trained on the equipment they will use, allowing them to get the feel for their own equipment. We have found this to be a very successful method of training.
Dane Realstar will give the new start customer the maximum help they can expect, with advice on SED requirements, keeping accurate records, assisting with the completion of the local council licence. We will also advise on purchasing solvents and sundries too.

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