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Family Run Sales and Service Company – Striving to Help You

Dane Realstar is a family run company that has delivered exemplary service to the dry cleaning industry for over a quarter of a century. The founder of Dane, Paul Higgs, has been selling and servicing dry cleaning equipment for over 50 years. Unparalleled experience in an industry that sees a lot of players “come and go”.

Dane’s small team of professionals, including Paul’s wife (Sheila) and son (Nicholas), understand your needs and the importance of the right service at the right time – on the phone or in person.

Paul Higgs left school and went to work as a Service Engineer with the UK’s only Drycleaning Manufacturer, Neil and Spencer.

During his time at Neil and Spencer Paul travelled the world selling, installing, commissioning machinery and training operatives.
In 1981, wanting to do something a little different, Paul set up Dane Engineers refurbishing Neil and Spencer machines until in 1988 he visited Realstar in Italy and Dane Realstar was born.

Dane Realstar has now had over 30 years of collaboration with Realstar Italy, which has earned Paul a position in the UK as one of the foremost drycleaning equipment suppliers

Paul is still very active in the drycleaning industry, being a past President and council member of SLEAT (Society of Laundry Engineers and Allied Trades Ltd) he is part of the SLEAT ‘Code of Conduct’ team working hard to ensure that all drycleaning equipment suppliers meet the required criteria for the supply of machinery he is also a member of the Guild of Cleaners and Launderers

Paul is also a Past Master of the Worshipful Company of Launderers, a livery company connected to the City of London, who promote education and benevolence within the Laundry and Dry cleaning industry.

Sheila and Nicholas have worked with Paul at Dane Realstar for over 20 years, Sheila as Administrator. For many years Nicholas has been on the engineering side of the company, but has recently taken on the extra role of Sales.  

Working with the same clients for 30 years

From the beginning Dane has believed in “being there for the long term”, retaining many customers for over 30 years. We are now working with the second generation of these family-run businesses and plan to be with them for the long term too!

Being there for you means: 

  • competitive prices on high-quality new and used equipment

  • first class technical knowledge to solve your problems

  • huge store of spare parts to minimise downtime

  • free telephone technical support

Solving Your Problems Quickly and Keeping you Running

Dane is famous for experience, quick problem solving and rapid response to get you up and running again quickly if you have a problem.

In addition, we have a planned maintenance program aimed at preventing problems before they arise. Core to this is regular site visits, critical maintenance and good quality machines from the beginning.

This all means that you have less down time and make more money over the life of your equipment.

Dane have an extensive stock of spares for all equipment we supply.

Top Quality Equipment Reliable and Long Lasting – Making you more profitable

Paul says: ‘Fortunately for the customer and Dane Realstar all the equipment we supply is extremely reliable but should the odd problem occur we will be there with our experienced support team’.
In addition to Realstar we supply the following equipment:

  • Fimas and Camptel finishing equipment

  • Aquastar Laundry equipment

  • Pamilas Conveyors

  • Hawo Polybaggers

The after sales support that the drycleaner will want to receive for years to come should be considered, will the supplier still be trading next year.

We would like to impress on the drycleaner that when choosing a machine look at specifications, the services that the supplying company offers, the suppliers creditability, commitment within the industry and of course the quality and features of the machine.

We have supplied the Realstar since its introduction to the UK in 1988. We have seen the developments made in the technology of the machines, and carry extensive spare parts covering machines from 1988 to 2018.

We Know About the Regulations - keeping you out of trouble

Dane is up-to-date with all regulations, standards and current industry trends via its memberships with a number of industry bodies, including:

  • Society of Laundry Engineers and Allied Trades Ltd (SLEAT)

  • Guild of Cleaners and Launderers (GCL)

Our range of Realstar machines are fully compliant with the Solvent Emissions Directive (SED) regulations.

You will benefit by being able to sleep at night without the worry of potentially huge penalties associated with non-compliance of stringent European regulations!

Dane Realstar is proud to be one of the formative members of the SLEAT Code of Conduct, which applies to accredited members of suppliers' of drycleaning machinery. Drawn up in consultation with DEFRA (Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) and SEPA (Scottish Environment Protection Agency),

A drycleaning machine purchased from a SLEAT Code of Conduct member is supplied with a serial number identifying compliance. DEFRA and SEPA have recognised this scheme as a useful guide to compliance to the SED.

The drycleaner however, should note that although the machine, when installed, complies with the SED regulations, it is still their responsibility to ensure that the machine is serviced and operated using Best Available Techniques to ensure continued compliance.

From concept to completion, Dane can offer the total package including design, supply, installation and training, to any new customer purchasing equipment for a totally new venture.

From Conception to Completion and Beyond is how Paul likes to think his relationship with his customers will develop.

You can be sure you're in capable, safe and experienced hands with Dane Realstar.

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