Dane Realstar supply a complete range of quality finishing equipment including:

Spotting Tables and Cabinets, Formers, Toppers, Ironing Tables, Presses, Pressed and Blown Shirt Machines, Collar Cuff Press, Ironers and Steam Boilers.

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Our range of finishing equipment is suitable for Hotel Valet, Laundries, Dry Cleaners and Ironing Service outlets, whether it be for Wet or Drycleaning establishments or Laundry premises. We can supply all options to offer the customer a complete package.

Dane offer competitively priced equipment backed up by excellent after sales training. We also offer prompt full service back up by our experienced engineers. 

Laundry and

 Fimas Laundry 
High quality manufactured, Formers, Toppers and Presses.
 Fimas Tables 
High quality manufactured, Ironing Tables for Dry Cleaning, Wet Cleaning and Laundry use.

Steam Cabinets
and Ironers

 Fimas Ironers
High quality manufactured, Ironing Tables for for finishing linen, bedsheets, table clothes etc.
 Camptel Steam Cabinets 
Industry original steam cabinet, high quality, reliable, well proven.

Formers and

Fimas Formers and Shirts 
A variety of machines for the finishing of shirts, jackets and coats.

Shirts finished either by pressing or blowing with steam.

Jackets and coats finished by blowing with steam.

PAMILAS conveyor systems


With the installation of an automated conveyor system, the drycleaner or hotel valet can improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Dane Realstar offers the PAMILAS conveyor systems. The bespoke conveyors are manufactured with top quality materials producing perfect operation from this unique aerial steel continuous-rack system for storing garments.

Starting with a basic I shape conveyor systems to the complicated intricate systems to suit all customers requirements. A conveyor cuts space requirements, solves all organization problems and with its modules of various shapes and sizes can be adapted to one or more levels. It stores hundreds of garments in a minimum area, reduced time for finding individual articles and can be operated by one person.

The operator doesn’t have to leave the customer service counter but can find a garment quickly and easily with either manual controls or an automatic computerized locating system with keyboard for calling for the desired articles and positioning them at a preset point. This ensures that the customer is not left unattended at the counter, whilst the operator is searching for the garment.

This auto-research system can also be linked to an EPOS till system.

There are two basic models:

- A slotted conveyor system with preset spaces for garments
- A continuous band system without predetermined positions

The slotted conveyor system is also made in the spiral model on two or more levels for a more functional and convenient use of the space in height, while always allowing the operator to work at eye level.
The aerial or suspended design also leaves work areas free.

All our conveyor systems can be personalised to suit our customers specific requirements.

For industrial laundries computerized operation is possible with reading of garment bar codes, automatic transfer unit and sorting and make-up of customer’s laundry.

Included in our recent installations is a bespoke figure of 8 Pamilas conveyor system installed at a shop in Kent, the intricate twists and turns being achieved by Pamilas with their technologically advanced manufacturing ability.

We have also installed an intricate Pamilas system in the valet of a prestigious hotel in the Tower bridge area of London.

The design process starts with a visit to the customer to discuss exactly what they would like to achieve with the space available and of course keeping a close eye on budgets.

Drawings are prepared from a simple design to the almost impossible, we can work it out!

Pamilas Website

Fimas have been producing high quality well-built equipment since the 1980’s.

With a very extensive selling network, Fimas is well known in over 60 countries worldwide. Fimas is a partner of the Macpi Group, a world leader for over 50 years.

With the complete Fimas range in our equipment portfolio we have found that our customers are impressed with the robustly built machines which offer quality and reliability and durability.

The Fimas equipment produces excellent finishes for both wet and dry cleaning operations with the full stretching and tensioning systems available on the formers and trouser toppers.

For Laundry work we supply nickel plated, hot head presses, in which the head and buck are both steam heated. The automatic closing of the top buck allows the operator to produce a high volume of high quality finished garments. We can also supply roller ironers for all needs, and washers & dryers to process the work for these items!

The use of a manual or automatic garment press is becoming popular again with drycleaners, giving a high quality finish to garments. These presses can be supplied either self contained with a built-in boiler or for connection to central services. These machines are offered with a built-in vacuum unit or can be connected to a central vacuum.

There is a huge selection of ironing tables available including Vacuum and Blowing tables, Vacuum Heated tables, and the favourite of many drycleaners, the Steam, Vacuum and Blowing tables.

With all the presses and ironing tables available, the iron options are Steam/Electric or ‘All Steam’.

We offer a full installation service and our engineers are available to assist at the time of boiler inspections.

We carry a full range of spare parts for total customer care,
and all our equipment is backed by Dane Realstar’s excellent after sales service.

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