Dane Realstar supply the full range of
Realstar Dry Cleaning Machines

for Perchloroethylene, Hydrocarbon,
Green Earth, and Sensene solvents


Dane Realstar supply Realstar drycleaning machines, slimline or wide configuration with 2 or 3 tanks.

Machines suitable for use with all solvents including, Perchloroethylene, Hydrocarbon, Green Earth, and Sensene.

Models available are:
Perchloroethylene R, T, M,
Multisolvent KT-R, KM-R, KT03, KM03, KM-K, Atmos and Vision

Realstar Italy, part of the FMB Group of companies, manufacture to a high standard a large range of Dry Cleaning Machines.

We are pleased to introduce you to the Realstar complete range of professional machines, which proves Realstar’s reputation as innovators of advanced technology with: 

  • Outstanding performance

  • Reduced drying times

  • Energy saving

  • Space saving

  • Easy to use and maintain


 R Series 
 Competitively priced models available as follows:

- 10kg to 25kg slimline or wide configuration two tank machines
- 10kg to 25kg three tank machines

These machines are fully SED compliant and are supplied by Dane Realstar with the following options fitted as standard:

Drying control, automatic soap doser, soundproof fridge cover, still suction, inverter motor drive, and second separator.

Optional extras available with these machines include Polar solvent refrigeration system, automatic still pump out and built-in air clean system. 

 T Series 
For the demanding drycleaner, these machines offer top of the range technologically advanced systems, including the ‘fast drying system’.

The ‘T’ range is offered in a slimline format with two solvent tanks and
capacities of 18kg to 25kg. 

 M Series 
Again for the demanding drycleaner, these machines offer top of the range technologically advanced systems, including the ‘fast drying system’.

The ‘M’ range of three tank machines is available with capacities between 18kg to 40kg.

The ‘M’ range is also available as a modular system giving increased production capacity.  


 KT-R & KM-R Series 
KT-R - 10kg to 15kg, slimline 2 tank machine

KM-R - 10kg to 15kg Wide 2 or 3 tank machine 
 KT03 & KM03 Series
KT03 - 18kg to 25 kg slimline 2 tank machine

KM03 - 18kg to 40kg 3 tank machine with faster drying system 

Alternative Solvent machines
WITH distillation system
designed for use with:
- Hydrocabon
- Silicon (Green Earth)
- Senseneby Safechem

 KM-K Series 
KM-K – 15kg to 25kg slimline 2 tank machine

KM-K – 15kg to 25kg 3 tank machine

Multi-Solvents Dry-Cleaning machines
WITH distillation system designed for use with:
- Hydrocabon
- Silicon (Green Earth)
- Solvon K4 by Kreussler
- K-Tex by Bardahl
- Sensene by Safechem

Alternative Solvent Machines

 Vision Series 
KM-K – 15kg to 25kg slimline 2 tank machine

KM-K – 15kg to 25kg 3 tank machine

The VISION series is designed for use with alternative Class III A solvents such as Hydrocarbon with flashpoint of 56°degree C.(132.8 F) and Silicone (Green Earth), VISION machines produce sparkling clean clothes WITHOUT use of WATER or STEAM

Utilizing alternative solvents, VISION machines feature a new filtration system that maintains solvent purity and clarity without distillation, resulting in drastically reduced energy costs and solvent consumption.  

Why buy Vision

- A standard feature of the Vision machine is a drum speed electronic adjustment system. This innovation, together with the use of alternative solvents other than perchloroethylene permits the cleaning of even the most delicate fabrics. 
- Unique dual filtration system allowing the cleaning of darks and lights with NO solvent interchange. 
Each solvent tank has its own individually dedicated and separate filtration system, solvent piping lines, and solvent pump. 
- Non distillation system which lowers operating costs and simplifies maintenance 
- Powerful new refrigeration design that enables the Vision to completely dry all fabrics without use of any steam or electrical auxiliary heating. 
- NO central boiler or water chiller required to operate the Vision machine  

 ATMOS Series 
for use with Sensene solvent. Available with or without distillation.

ATMOS machine is compatible with all of the popular alternative solvents being used in today's dry cleaning industry, and can serve as both the primary machine in smaller operations, as well as a specialty machine in larger plants. Its newly designed high pressure Uni Jet spray system features dual nozzle cleaning, assuring the operator of satisfactory results. This new design also will allow the occasional, traditional immersion bath processing for the most highly soiled garments

When looking for a replacement machine an established drycleaners will surely ring the suppliers they know in the industry; we would assume starting with their existing supplier if they are reputable and have offered a good service over the life of the current machine.

If they want the machine to run relatively trouble free for a number of years then they should look at a top specification, well-built machine. The machine should be manufactured using high quality components & stainless steel parts. What looks like a high specification machine which is not guaranteed to be manufactured with stainless steel parts & fittings will suffer corrosion in quite a short time.

Also with a cheaper machine, there is always a ‘catch’; often it is the after sales service & parts where the cuts occur – and in the end it is the customer who suffers. They should therefore make sure the supplier is reputable with a proven track record.

The main development in the manufacture of a drycleaning machine is the awareness of economical running costs, i.e. water, electricity and of course the solvent. With the huge rise in the prices of solvent the customer must ensure his machine will comply with the latest solvent emissions directive. The modern computer control will also ensure that the machine runs at its most efficient.

Consideration should also be given to solvent temperature; the modern machine will be available with a solvent chilling or heating devices depending on the solvent used. Serious consideration should be given to the inclusion of this feature, which only adds a small amount per year over the life of the machine!

Realstar has always been the innovative, industry leader in engineering new products to service the textile care industry - recognised world-wide for their emphasis on quality, ecology, low environmental impact and safety. The British Drycleaner is still in love with Perc, unlike other countries both in the EU and further afield. But with the environment in mind we should be looking at other solvent options and wet cleaning solutions.

The Realstar multisolvent range of machines, produce fantastic results with the solvent of choice as required -accepting Hydrocarboon, Green Earth, K4, Sensene and other Class IIIA solvents. The Realstar multisolvent VISION range of machines, achieve lower running costs and produce sparkling clean clothes WITHOUT using WATER or STEAM!

For a new comer to the industry it would be vital that machinery is purchased from a reputable supplier with a proven track record, who can offer good after sales service and support, which will be a necessity!
If the budget allows a new machine should be purchased. If it has to be a secondhand machine, it should be a new as possible or refurbished to a high quality with all the latest SED requirements. Particularly, fitted with a second water separator and safety containment tray. It should be supplied with a warranty too.

Dane Realstar is a founder member of the Society of Laundry Engineers and Allied Trades (SLEAT) Code of Conduct; supplying a complete range of machines that comply with the latest SED requirements; offering a high level of service; ensuring the customer is in safe hands.

A family run company, Dane Realstar has delivered exemplary service to the dry cleaning industry for over 35 years, whether it be the supply of our competitively priced, quality products, backed by our experienced technical service, the servicing of customer equipment, technical solutions or the undertaking of major installations. Experts at difficult deliveries, we can strip machines for access and delivery requirements, then reassemble on site as required! We recommend that all machines should be serviced at least once a year and must have the critical seals replaced, i.e. still door and still sightglass seals.

Legislation also demands that, any Engineer working on refrigerated system is required by law to have the qualification ‘Safe handling of Refigerants F gas J11’. All drycleaning machines with a refrigeration charge of 3kg or above must have an annual safety inspection carried out by a competent person. All Dane Realstar Engineers’ are fully qualified to carry out the inspections demanded.
We have unparalleled experience in an industry that has seen a lot of players “come and go”. 

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