Wet Cleaning Equipment

The Aquastar range of technologically advanced MAQ2A Washing machines and S-TC2 Tumble Dryers for Wet Cleaners.


Combined with our range of Stretching Formers, Trouser Toppers and Ironing Tables for garment finishing - a perfect combination. 

Wet cleaning refers to methods of professional laundering that, in contrast to traditional dry cleaning, avoids the use of chemical solvents, the most common of which is perchloroethylene or "perc".

Environmental groups have indicated that such alternative "wet cleaning" methods are better for the environment than perc, and can, with care, be used without shrinking or otherwise damaging garments that typically require dry cleaning.

Dane Realstar sell the Aquastar system of highly sophisticated washers and dryers to safely clean all articles of clothing that are normally dry-cleaned.

Aquastar washing machines

 Aquastar MAQ2A Washers 
High speed (up to 1200rpm model dependent) washer extractors, high performance, keeping costs to a minimum.

Suitable for Laundry and Wet Cleaning.

Aquastar tumble dryers

 Aquastar S-TC2 Dryer Series
The AQUASTAR dryers, ensure excellent results.

Available in several heating versions (electric, gas and steam).

With this series of driers the running costs are reduced due to the special heated air directing system.

Wet cleaning is the green alternative to traditional dry cleaning processes. The system allows you to wet clean garments and textiles that have traditionally been "dry clean only" items. Using specially designed equipment and detergents you should be able to achieve the same outstanding results.

Wet cleaning is not a new process, dating back to 1890’s, before dry-cleaning became fashionable. In fact, traditionally, most drycleaners have offered a laundry service in their shops, using dry-cleaning for the items considered unsuitable for laundering.

Interest in Wet cleaning was renewed in the 1990's, it is a cleaning process that effectively cleans all garments using a safe and biodegradable detergent process, using the up to date machines, i.e. low mechanical action and moisture control.
Several detergent suppliers have been developing and testing this environmentally friendly alternative to drycleaning. Providing perfect protection for the fabric and for the environment. The washing cycle uses 30% less water than conventional machines and can clean at as little as 20°C, reducing energy consumption by 50%.

It must be remembered however, that low temperature washing without the antibacterial product will not destroy bacterial deposits in the clothing.

Also waste water and detergents from Wet Cleaning are going straight down the drain, resulting in the possible contamination of our waterways and ultimately our oceans, with microscopic particles removed in the washing process. It must be remembered however, that low temperature washing without the antibacterial product will not destroy bacterial deposits in the clothing.

Wet cleaning does require experienced operators with a background in textile care, without this knowledge, new users can fall foul of damaging garments resulting in compensation claims.

Whilst detergents are used in Wet Cleaning, the process does not require any solvents, customers instantly notice the fresh smell and soft feel. Colours are brighter and retain their original look.
Detergents cover all types of garments from standard laundry items like shirts through to even an antibacterial product to cover garments from hospitals and care homes.

The Dry-cleaning process, does not put any contaminates down the drain as the machines are totally enclosed. A dry-cleaning machine will only put clean water down the drain so it would be a mistake to discard this process.

Wet and Dry Cleaning processes complement each other
to provide a complete garment cleaning package.

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